A focused mission.

our missioniPrepaid’s mission is focused and purposeful: our sole intent is to assure the success of our client’s prepaid programs. Our goal is to ensure that our client’s prepaid programs are profitable, unique to their needs, market-leading, and flexible. Whether you would like us to program manage your prepaid product or to prepare you to self-manage your own free-standing program; it’s all about your profitability.

Prepaid Programs Designed Uniquely for Retail Banks and Alternative Financial Service Providers

You and your customer determine your program’s direction. Our goal is to help you develop, market, and manage your own prepaid card brand, meet your customers’ needs and wants, and assure that you develop a deep, long-lasting relationship with your customer. We are specialists in designing unique prepaid programs for those new to prepaid or those who desire to maximize existing programs, including retailers, credit unions and banks. Prepaid card programs are our sole focus.

our missionRetailers and alternative financial service providers now find themselves at a cross roads: deciding whether to develop their own propriety card operation or contract with a third party program manager. The choices can be daunting, and the risk of not jumping into the market is the potential loss of customers to other retailers or to forced prepaid programs such as those for federal benefits, unemployment or child support benefits. Third party program managers could take control of the marketing and messages customers receive, and are able to market their own products and services directly to cardholders, which can ultimately lead to lost customers.

our missionFor banks just contemplating a trip down the road, the prepaid card category represents potential new consumer and business customers. With new financial regulations encroaching on customer profitability, prepaid is growing faster than credit or debit, and consumer awareness is continually being heightened by alternative financial service providers and government programs. There has never been a better time to integrate prepaid into your product suite or to consider becoming an issuing bank for prepaid programs.

With a sole focus on the prepaid industry, iPrepaid is well positioned to assist those new to the segment, as well as those seeking to enhance an existing product, embark upon a successful and profitable card program. Contact us today to discuss how we might create a unique plan for your business.