iPrepaid helps you to find your way down the path
to a successful prepaid debit card program.

When we decided to launch a prepaid product, we soon learned that there were so many critical crossroad decisions to be made and needed some expert guidance.

Benefiting from decades of experience, the iPrepaid team is well positioned to lead you through the multitude of decisions required to launch a profitable and successful prepaid card program.

Steering through the regulatory, banking, association and processor turns along the way really required industry knowledge and expertise.

iPrepaid will help you find the optimal path and determine what is best for your business, leveraging our seasoned expertise and industry relationships to help you minimize expenses and maximize revenue streams.

As a new program manager, by the time we realized we didn’t know about all the facets of prepaid cards – including processors, issuing banks and program management, we were already deep into the woods and needed iPrepaid’s help.

Our experienced team is expert in helping you navigate through the twists and turns associated with designing, implementing and managing a prepaid debit card program.

Just laying out a prepaid card plan seemed to be a maze of challenging decisions which could cost us greatly, and iPrepaid helped us decide which turns to take.

iPrepaid will steer you through the obstacles of designing and building your product, with a focus on acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and increasing usage.


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