Industry expertise tailored to the global underbanked segment.

industry strategiesBenefiting from decades combined experience in banking, prepaid cards, and retail financial services, the iPrepaid team is well equipped to focus on industry-leading prepaid programs that serve diverse markets, including a deep understanding of the underbanked segment. Their individual specializations in operations, IT, finance, retail strategy, and marketing blend to create a multi-dimensional perspective of prepaid card strategies.

iPrepaid consultants have over a 30 years of combined experience in understanding, delivering and marketing products specifically to the underbanked consumer.

industry strategiesOur expertise in this segment, proven-track records of launching successful card programs and cross-segment credentials enable us to provide you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need along every step of the trek from product development to implementation.

We speak the language of prepaid, and the language of your business, particularly for firms in banking, credit unions and retailing. Our long-standing relationships with the premier prepaid banks and card brands can help to speedily progress your programs. iPrepaid’s expertise enables us to guide our clients through the complex business challenges of:

  • * Strategic planning
  • * Requests For Proposal (RFP) and Requests For Information (RFI)
  • * Financial modeling
  • * Product design and development
  • * Vendor selection and management
  • * Materials determination and production
  • * Bank, network and processor evaluations
  • * Project management
  • * Profitability assessment
  • * Compliance
  • * Fraud and risk
  • * Product launch
  • * Cardholder marketing and education
  • * International strategies and logistics