An experienced leadership team.

Jim Grabow :: Chief Executive Officer

Jim Grabow is the CEO of iPrepaid, serving as advisor and prepaid program architect working directly with clients on product design, bank and network relations/operations, profitability, implementations, program management and distribution strategy. He is one of the country’s premier prepaid program experts, having led multiple Visa prepaid programs to high levels of success in consumer satisfaction, product innovation and revenue/profitability. Jim previously led the retail channel for FSV Payment Systems, a processor and program manager; as well as the design, development and launch of the Wal-Mart Money Card (Visa Prepaid Card), and all Wal-Mart credit card products. Prior to working in Wal-Mart financial services, Jim worked for Wal-Mart International and was responsible for M&A and business development in China and developing Wal-Mart financial services in Europe. Jim has also worked for 3M in Russia as well as other Eastern European countries.

Deborah Freytag :: Vice President

Deborah Freytag is Vice President at iPrepaid providing domestic and international client consultation services as well as product design and development.  She brings a thorough knowledge of the bankcard industry and debit processing to the iPrepaid team, with a focus on the prepaid card category. Deborah recently served as Director of Prepaid Client Services at Visa – Debit Processing Services (Visa DPS). While at Visa, Deborah led a team of professionals that designed, built, and supported numerous successful U.S. and international prepaid programs. Her leadership and sense of collaboration led to hundreds of successful projects and programs in her more than eleven-year tenure.  In addition to her significant prepaid background, Deborah is an expert on all aspects of financial transactions including acquiring, issuing, transmission, and processing.   Deborah holds a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Chun Zhang :: Senior Director, International

Chun Zhang leads our International Prepaid Consulting business. She is a seasoned prepaid product professional with experience in the full life cycle of product development: strategy, planning, financial analysis, program design, retail execution and success measurement. She prides herself on being passionate about serving customers and maximizing profits through innovative products and exceptional service.

Chun has developed successful business cases and led multiple Visa prepaid initiatives at Wal-Mart that have resulted in new product innovations and high levels of consumer satisfaction while maximizing both revenue and profitability.  In her role as Senior Director of International for iPrepaid, Chun serves as an advisor and a prepaid program architect, working directly with our clients on product design, bank and network relations, operations, implementation, program management, distribution strategy and profitability.  Most recently, she has supported the successful launch of a virtual Prepaid Visa® card program with one of the top three Mobile operators in Russia.

Chun’s background includes leading the retail prepaid card channel for Wal-Mart Financial Services, and launch of the Wal-Mart Money Card (Visa Prepaid Card) as well as all Wal-Mart Open-Loop Gift Cards product. She has worked with Visa, American Express, GreenDot, GE and Incomm on various aspects of product development and vendor management.  A native of China, Chun holds a Masters Degree in Managerial Psychology from University of Manchester in the UK and did her undergraduate work in Russian Studies at the Southern China Normal University in China. Chun is fluent in Mandarin, English, Cantonese and Russian.

Strategic Affiliates

In addition to our core team, iPrepaid taps a network of resources with whom we have had a longstanding working relationships.  These affiliates are experts in their respective fields and have extensive experience working with many of our clients in the past.

Betsy Leatherman

Betsy Leatherman is a passionate marketer who loves hearing what consumers want and translating that into what organizations need to change or develop to meet those consumers’ desires and increase sales.  Betsy is an acknowledged expert at designing marketing, culture and incentive programs that drive business results and has done research and new product marketing work specific to prepaid cards in US, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Her expertise is derived from the many business backgrounds in which she has been involved including manufacturing, financial services, automotive, pharmaceutical and personal care products. Betsy was a co-founder of RAZR Marketing, a full service marketing organization in Minneapolis. Before her involvement with RAZR, she worked at Summit Marketing as VP of Sales and Marketing and at the Carlson Marketing Group (now Aimia) where she served as Practice Leader for both the Executive and Employee consulting groups. In this global assignment she was called upon to leverage her understanding of organizational culture to solve complex business issues. She started her career with AON Consulting where she spent four years helping various organizations change their business or brand strategy with full engagement of its employees. Betsy has taught and done research in psychology and economics at the University of Minnesota, is published in Fortune Magazine, Potentials, Incentive, HR Executive, Event Solutions and other trade publications. Betsy earned a summa cum laude degree in psychology and behavioral neuroscience from the University of Minnesota.


Grafico is a multi-faceted branding, store design and marketing firm that has focused on marketing to consumers underserved by traditional financial institutions. Grafico is considered to be the “go-to” organization within the alternative financial services industry for marketing support. Their thought leadership in this little understood market segment addresses the unique challenges and opportunities that Prepaid Program Managers face every day. Grafico’s support for Prepaid Program Managers ranges from card naming and brand development to card design, packaging, merchandising and displays as well as related collateral and marketing website design. More background information and examples of their work can be found at